By: Jenevie G. Arimbuyutan, Teacher II – Luis Y Ferrer Jr. SHS

Theme: “Strengthening and Igniting the Culture of Research among Senior High School Students and Teachers”

Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School held a program which showcased the different skills and talents of both students and teachers last March 20-21, 2018. There were different activities put up in the school such as the Motorcade, Dance & Jingle Presentation, Bazaar and the like, organized by the grade 12 students and all the teachers. The activities were also participated by the grade 11 and incoming grade 11 students.

As part of the program, the Research Department conducted the 2018 Senior High School Students and Teachers Research Conference with the theme: “Strengthening and Igniting the Culture of Research among Senior High School Students and Teachers” spearheaded by the Research teachers of Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School. This is not the first time that the school conducted such kind of event. In fact, last 2017, the school held the very first conference for both English and Filipino researches.

The said conference was conducted to continue what was started last year, which is to promote a culture of research for teachers and students in Senior High School so they would be guided throughout their research journey, and to provide an avenue for research dissemination and forum for teachers and senior high school students to share and showcase their research output. Apart from that, this was conducted to present the different research papers by the teachers in all subject area that is within the scope of the Basic Education Research Agenda under D.O.no.39, s.2016.

The activity was held on the second day of the program, March 21, 2018, at 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM on the fourth floor of the grade 12 building. The first part of the activity started with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem led by one of the Research teachers, Jenevie G. Arimbuyutan. Doxology and the singing of Cavite Hymn followed. Mercelita G. Javier, the school principal gave a welcome message to officially open the program. This was followed by the presentation of the delegates led by Ma. Glecita C. Columna. The head of the Research Department, Mark Airon P. Creus introduced the Plenary Speaker. Mary Ann B. Gatpandan, the Plenary Speaker and a Research teacher at the same time, focused her presentation on the Qualitative Research. During her talk, she presented the different reactions of her Senior High School students in constructing a research paper. She also shared her experience on how she was able to persuade her students to continue their paper despite the challenges and problems they encountered. In addition, she mentioned some of her and her students’ researches. As she ended her talk, she gave tips and knowledge to both the teachers and students on how to continue writing despite the hardships they might encounter during the process of making a research paper. The first part of the activity was ended by a Plenary Paper Presentation of Armando D. Ison and Andjiedel C. Narvaez. They presented their research entitled, Evaluation of a Comprehensive Test- Item Analysis Program: A Suggested Tool for Improving Teacher-Made Test and Providing an Immediate Feedback System for Classroom recommendation and/or Intervention for Public School Teachers.

The Concurrent Parallel Sessions which was the second part of the activity was held on the fourth floor of the grade 11 Building. There were four session rooms prepared for all the research presenters. There were seven groups of presenters in Sessions 1, 2 and 3, while eight groups of presenters in Session 4. There were seven participants from grade 11 in each session room who served as audiences. Cel Andrea B. Bodota, Elizabeth C. Buenafe, Maricel P. Malabanan, and Ma. Glecita C. Columna served as the session managers/facilitators in Session 1, while Rosalie P. Lujero, Jenevie G. Arimbuyutan, Jocelyn B. Del Rosario, and Nikka Joy A. Gundran in Session 2, Chereyna R. Guantia, Wilma B. Ballesteros, Xaris Jemi N. Llorente, and Marikris C. Villanueva in Session 3, Melany C. Arcangel, Racquel D. Comandante, Vilma A. , and Sanny E. Lopez Jr. in Session 4.

After all the research presentations, Mary Ellaine Joy D. Teano, a grade 12-HUMSS student gave her impression of the event. This was followed by a challenge by the principal, Mercelita G. Javier and a response given by another grade 12- HUMSS student, Bianca P. Portuguese. Awarding of certificates to the presenters, participants, session managers and winners happened during the closing plenary in the afternoon.



During the registration of the presenters and participants


Mary Ann B. Gatpandan, the Plenary Speaker (middle)

with Mark Airon P. Creus (left) and Ma. Glecita C. Columna (right)


Chereyna R. Guantia, one of LYFJSHS teachers while presenting her research entitled, The Use of the Mardicas duel Dance in the Development and Validation of Instructional Learning Package for Juinor High School


Melany C. Arcangel, one of LYFJSHS teachers while presenting her research entitled, Impact of Coercion on Academic Performance of Selected Grade 7 and Grade 8 Students of Governor Luis A. Ferrer Jr. East National High School: Basis on Devising Bullying Interventions


The Plenary Speaker, Mary Ann B. Gatpandan during her talk on Qualitative Research


Mark Airon P. Creus (left), Ma. Glecita C. Columna, Mary Ann B.Gatpandan with the plenary paper presenters, Andjiedel C. Narvaez and Armando D. Ison


The grade 12 research presenters with the grade 11 participants


The grade 12 researchers during their presentation


The session managers/facilitators and the committees during the awarding of certificates


The best paper presenters during the awarding of certificates


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