A Perspective of Pioneer Senior High School Teachers in the Division of Cavite Province on Challenges and Opportunities Towards Lifelong Learning

By: Mary Ann B. GatpandanMark Airon P. CreusNanette T. Gluda(2017)

1GEANHS (Bailen) Senior High School([email protected])

2Luis Y. Ferrer Jr. Senior High School ([email protected]09175662102

3GEANHS (Bailen) Senior High School([email protected])




This study seeks to have an in-depth understanding on different challenges and opportunities on Senior High School teachers’ lifelong learning which includes formal, informal, non-formal and self-directed learning and come up with Senior High School Teachers Development Program.

Design/Methodology/ Approach

The respondents were the selected public SHS teachers in the Division of Cavite. During the focus group discussion, there were 8 participants from elementary and junior high school, colleges/universities, and industries. The researchers used an adapted questionnaire from Law et.al, (2009).


Teachers in senior high school in the Division of Cavite strongly agree about different perception on lifelong learning, the different reasons in their participation in lifelong learning, and the different pattern of lifelong learning. The three themes: The Compass: Senior High School Teachers’ Perspective on Lifelong Learning, The Wind and the Waves: Teachers’ Challenges on Lifelong Learning, and Ride the Waves: Opening Opportunities to Pioneer Senior High School Teachers were derived from the results focus group discussion

Research limitations/Implications

This study focused only to the senior high school teachers of the Division of Cavite during S.Y. 2016-2017


This serves as a reference or basis of policy review and formulation by the Department of Education (DepEd) to deeply understand the perspective and challenges of SHS teachers towards lifelong learning to design opportunities for their development.



Lifelong Learning, Senior High School, Perspective, Challenges, Opportunities


Research Conference/s Presented:

International Conference of Basic Education Researchers (ICBER)


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