This page shows the different video tutorials created by Mark Airon P Creus. The tutorials were posted on YouTube for public viewing.

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Creating a Class in Google Classroom

This video shows how to create a class and invite students in a class in Google Classroom. It demonstrates how can a teacher create his own class using his DepEd or personal Gmail account and how can a student be added in the class created by entering the email address of the students.

How To Join a Class in Google Classroom

This video shows how to join a class in Google Classroom using the class code given by the teacher to the student. The student must have a Gmail account to join in any class created by the teacher by using the class code provided.

Adding a Material in Google Classroom

This video shows how to add material like a document or presentation file in Google Classroom for the students to access or download needed for their class through the use of Create button under Classwork. It demonstrates how to schedule the accessibility of the material.

Creating an Online Quiz in Google Classroom

This video shows how to create an online quiz in Google Classroom. It shows the step-by-step procedures on how to format your quiz using Google Forms. Moreover, this demonstrates how you can schedule the accessibility of the quiz and place a due date until when it can be accessed.

Using Google Meet in Audio and Video Conferencing

This video shows how to use Google Meet in doing audio and video conferencing to the participants/students. This demonstrates also how a teacher can share his screen to present something to the participants. Moreover, it shows how to start and stop the recording of the video meeting and can be accessed or viewed in your DepEd email account.

FAQs About Using Google Meet

This video answers some of the frequently asked questions in using Google Meet. This demonstrates also the advantages of using the DepEd email account rather than your personal Gmail account in using Google Meet application. Moreover, this video shows what you can and cannot do in Google Meet when you use your personal and DepEd email account.

Creating Online Quiz Using Google Forms

This video demonstrates how to use Google Forms in creating an online quiz. It shows how to format the settings of the Google Form to make it a quiz and how to add a collaborator that can have the capability of editing the form created. Moreover, it shows how you can get the responses or the results of the students who took the quiz in realtime by creating a google spreadsheet for their responses.

Google Docs as a Word Processing Collaboration Tool

This video demonstrates how to use Google Docs as a collaborative tool wherein the document is shared with others giving them the capability of editing the document. Furthermore, this shows how to share the document with others as a read-only document.

Getting Related Literature and Studies Using PaperPile

This video shows the step-by-step procedure on how to use Paperpile in getting related literature and studies. It demonstrates how to add citations and references of the chosen literature automatically.

Looking for RRL? Here's How

This video shows how to get related literature and studies from different sources on the internet. It demonstrates how to look for RRL using the different links provided in the article placed in Moreover, it shows how to make a reference or citation automatically in the Philippine E-Journal website,

Creating a Reference Using CitationMachine

This video shows how to make a reference for a given source of related literature and studies using